Nokian Tyres is a life driven company.  Our mission is to give you peace  of mind in all conditions.

Our strategy helps to differentiate ourselves, supports profitable growth, and guides us in the changing business environment while paving the way for future development.

We operate within the premium passenger car tyre segment and focus on the replacement tyre market. We offer the world’s best winter tyres on all major winter tyre markets. As pioneers in challenging conditions, we can successfully expand into other segments. Our competitive summer tyres, All-Season tyres, and All-Weather tyres take safety to a new level under all conditions.

Our Scandinavian heritage speaks to consumers who value sustainable business and products as well as pioneering technology and services. Our innovations for promoting sustainable development within the tyre industry build trust and strengthen our quality image. We make good on our promise on the road, as our high-quality tyres offer reliability, performance, and peace of mind from winter blizzards to heavy summer rain.

We support our customers’ business by means of controlled distribution, shared development of business models, and an offer of effortless cooperation at all levels. Vianor’s mission is to maintain Nokian Tyres’ market share and to support its brand in the Nordic countries. Our own retail chain helps in the development of concepts improving our customers’ sales and provides deeper insight into our customers’ business and consumer needs.

In the development and manufacture of heavy special tyres, we focus on carefully selected segments with high profit margins, such as tyres intended for forestry, agriculture, and material handling. Our premium tyres feature unique solutions that support the business of our end users, and we sell them on both the replacement and original equipment markets. We ensure the functionality of our tyres by also serving our customers under genuine conditions of use.

We have the most efficient factories in the industry. The high level of automation ensures our capacity for first-class quality. Our customer- oriented delivery chain ensures excellent customer service capability even during high season.

Our open and participatory company and leadership culture ensures that we work, develop, and achieve great results together. Our motivated and committed personnel have a continuous desire to develop their personal competence as well as our company as a whole.


Our goal is to be the market leader in the Nordic countries and Russia and to maintain profitable growth in our other main markets: over a five-year period, we will grow our sales by 50% in Central Europe and double our sales in North America. Over the long term, we want to be a significant player on all other winter tyre markets as well.  In order to reach our goals, we are concentrating on the following focus areas.

We are investing in North America

+ We will be starting production at our factory in Dayton,  TN in 2020.
+ We will be increasing brand awareness and improving the availability of our tyres.

We are investing in new product lines in order to support profitable growth in North America and Central Europe

+ We are continuing our investments in product development and testing by building a new testing and technology center in Spain. 
+ We are developing next-generation summer tyres and All-Season tyres.

We support our customer's business and develop new business models

+ We will introduce advanced B2B and B2C solutions that make it easier to conduct business with us.
+ We will develop the Vianor and NAD concepts further and expand them into new markets.
+ As digitalization revolutionizes mobility, we will build cooperation with car manufacturers and resellers as well as technology companies.

We will make Vianor’s business profitable

+ We will increase the EBITDA of equity-owned Vianor to +3% by the end of 2019.

We will grow the Nokian Heavy Tyres unit’s  business in a profitable manner

+ We will increase the sales of heavy tyres by 50% within four years.
+ We will increase the production capacity in order to support our customers’ growth goals and to meet the growing demand.

We will create a unified team with a shared vision

+ With our new leadership and operating model, we are reinforcing an international common way of working based on best practices and supporting competence development.
+ We retain our ability to make quick decisions and remain agile, innovative, and close to the customer.

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