Profitable GROWTH at the core of our strategy

Nokian Tyres is a life driven company. Our mission is to give you piece of mind in all conditions.

Our differentiators

We operate within the premium passenger car tire segment and focus on the replacement tire market. We offer the world’s best winter tires on all major winter tire markets. As pioneers in demanding conditions, our competitive summer tires, all-season tires, and all-weather tires take safety to a new level under all conditions.

Our tires are made for people, who value the promise of the Nordic premium: high-tech products that are manufactured sustainably. We make good on our promise on the road, as our tires offer reliability, performance, and peace of mind from winter snowfall to heavy summer rain.

Our partners have higher earnings potential selling our products and our customer satisfaction is high. Nokian Tyres offers premium end-to-end digital customer and consumer experiences. Our branded retail concepts support strong sell-out and provide data, which enables us to serve our consumers better.

Offering peace of mind means not only safety on the road, but doing business in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We have a long-term commitment to sustainability and making a difference within the whole tire industry.

We have some of the most efficient tire factories in the world. The high level of automation ensures superior productivity and product quality. Our customer oriented supply chain ensures excellent customer service capability even during high season.

Our open and participatory company and leadership culture ensures that we work, develop, and achieve great results together. We are committed to ambitious goals and continuous development.


Nokian Tyres’ ambition is to continue to be the market leader in the Nordic countries and Russia and to grow faster than the market in other main markets. Over a five-year period of 2018–2022, the target is to grow by 50 % in Central Europe and double sales in North America. Heavy Tyres’ ambition is to grow by 50 % in four years. With Vianor (own), our ambition was to increase the EBITDA to +3 % by the end of 2019. This target was reached in 2018. Read more from the Financial Review 2019.

1. Russia: We are the market leader in selected segments in Russia.

2. The Nordic countries: We are the market leader in selected segments in the Nordic countries

3. Central Europe: We increase our sales by 50 % in Central Europe in five years.

4. North America: We double our sales in North America in five years.

5. Vianor: Targeting +3% EBITDA of Nokian Tyres owned Vianor by the end of 2019. This target was reached in 2018.

6. All major winter tire markets: Our tires are available in all major winter tire markets.

7. Heavy Tyres: We increase the sales of Heavy Tyres by 50% in four years.


(Published in November 2018)

Growing faster than the market: Above 5% CAGR with comparable currencies

Healthy profitability: EBIT at the level of 22% 

Good returns for our shareholders: Dividend above 50% of net earnings