How do tyres affect fuel consumption?

Premium summer and winter tyres consume less fuel thanks to their lower rolling resistance. Driving economically and maintaining tyres can also help with fuel savings. On average, tyres are used to drive 30,000–45,000 kilometers so the saving may amount to almost EUR 300. This is almost enough to buy a complete set of tyres. The EU tyre label lists the tyres' fuel efficiency to make it easy to choose tyres – particularly summer tyres. It is not a good idea to use lower tyre pressures as fuller tyres reduce the rolling resistance by up to ten percent – and when a tyre rolls more easily, less fuel is used. In addition to having good, well maintained tyres, fuel consumption can be significantly reduced by driving economically. Easing off the gas can save on fuel and car maintenance. Avoid driving recklessly, braking and accelerating sharply, and driving in low gear.

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